NaviComp name YEL
NaviComp coordinates

X: 100
Y: -3950

Has atmosphere No
Has solid surface No
Can be landed on No
Can be splashed-down on No

The Yellow Planet (YEL in NaviComp) is the third largest planet (slightly smaller than ENC), and is the only ringed planet in the Space Agency game as of current version. It is explored in Mission 15 by the Voyager-X.

Any spacecraft that comes into contact with the rings will be destroyed, so landing on the planet is currently impossible.

From YEL (+10) you can reach RED (900) and ENC (950).


  • The radius of the planet is about 2.5 NaviComp units, and the rings increase it to 5 units.
  • The rings orbit the planet faster that the planet rotates.
  • It is based off the real-life planet Saturn.
  • A bug in a previous version had the Gemini Service Module to have no hitbox, so when alone, is able to move through the rings. This does not work anymore, as said by user space agency InterStoffar Aerospace in a blog post.
  • YEL is one of the two astronomical bodies on which is impossible to land or re-enter, the other being SOL.
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