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The Voyager-X orbiting EMA.

The Voyager-X is a spacecraft comprised of the Voyager-X Main Body and Voyager-X Antenna docked together. Once docked together, they form the Voyager-X probe.

This spacecraft is used in Mission 15 and Mission 26. Due to the Voyager-X Main Body's low fuel margins, those two missions can be very difficult (especially in mission 26) because the planets don't perfectly line up to do a sling shot or gravity assist for faster time and less fuel consumption.

It also stores 7 batteries, and consumes 5 Power. The antenna uses 1 Power which is supplied by the main body's batteries.

Both parts can take photographs.


  • The craft is a homage to several space probes, namely Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 as well as Pioneer 11 and Pioneer 10.
  • The cargo hold can be used to store O2 and CO2, as the inside has no air pressure, thus allowing for a mobile cryogenic-like storage module.
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