What it is?

Oxygen propulsion uses oxygen to gain velocity.It basically works when you open up the air valves of any capsule that contains air.the opened valves lets out oxygen which in turn thrusts the space craft in the opposite direction.


  • Oxygen can be generated in Oxygen Garden
  • No need for electric Power to control thrust
  • Docking hub can accelerate in all 4 directions, and majority of modules in 2 directions
  • Speed limit does not apply
  • Practically an infinite supply of fuel


  • Oxygen slowly depletes even if not in use
  • Acceleration rate is dilute
  • Need for constantly opening and closing docking ports
  • Can't accelerate more than one module


This type of propulsion can be used for slowing down crew capsules, shooting Oxygen gardens as missiles, docking station modules and stuff like that.

The most useful thing is probably ATV docked to oxygen garden. Because oxygen can't accelerate 2 modules docked to one another in both directions, you have to undock, wait until oxygen garden catches up, and repeat.


You can also undock oxygen garden, open ATV´s docking port and let air escape. After you run out of air, close docking port, wait for oxygen garden, and repeat.

Because ATV have a lot of storing space and it's own solar panels, it can recharge batteries, used for generating oxygen in O. garden, and hold a lot of water, and some oxygen tanks.

One problem whit this, a lot of thruster propellant is being used, when you want to change direction.

Fun fact: oxygen garden uses electric power and water to propel itself, like ion drive, witch is using xenon gas and electric power.

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