The Sandbox

MASE has worked very hard to create a community sandbox which they are sure will be received positively by the Space Agency community. This sandbox, however, has its own unique feature, explained below.

The twist

In this sandbox, you are not so much expanding on a station. Each user who contributes must instead create a self sufficient 'mini station', docked to a central core. This core has waypoint COM. Note that the station is very long (~50 units) and the waypoint is located at the far end from HOM. I recommend starting the deceleration at about 80-90 units from COM until you reach below orbital velocity (orange zone). Final deceleration can be done within visual range after zooming out a bit.


  • Your station should either be docked to COM, or able to be docked to it. They can be placed on the airlocks attached to the large station modules (other airlocks are for supplying oxygen gardens on the core) or anywhere in orbit of any body except HOM, or > 150 units from any body and >50 from other stations including STA, MSS, ADS
  • Your station must not rely on the core for resources. This means that if it is detached, it should still have fuel, power and an atmosphere of it is intended to be manned. Resupplies of batteries, O2, etc are acceptable. It should also have engines to manoeuvre.
  • You cannot add to other people's stations unless they have said so. You can add to the core if you like.
  • It should be no more than 4 corridors + 3 hubs wide. This allows other stations to dock next to it on the core. Length is unrestricted, but keep it sensible.
  • Give your email in the comments below for sending. Try and keep additions below 3 days if thing get busy to ensure everyone gets a turn.
  • Have fun and be creative! That is after all the point of this game. Come up with crazy designs, or keep it sensible if you'd like.


This is the waiting list for the sandbox. Users will be added to the end.

Waiting List
Phase User Status
0: Core Module The Maths God


1 The Maths God (on behalf of Angkasa-X) Completed
2 MrMoon935 Completed
3 Protocol 1028 Completed
4 Zax360 Sent
5 I.S.A.A.C Waiting
6 Huffshipbuilding Waiting
7 Jerandr Waiting
8 TheguythatfelltoEarth Waiting
9 Spaceman Waiting


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