This is where you can find my custom mission ideas, For now I will only have images, a bit of info, and a list showing how to complete the mission, Enjoy!

Mission 38:Garganpia Discovery

Garganpia in Mission 38

  • Locate and go to the Gar waypoint.
  • Dock with Garganpia.
  • Stop the spin of the space station.
  • Refuel the Orion Spacecraft.
  • Refuel the Space Shuttle.
  • Undock the spacecraft.
  • Return to HOM.
  • Sucsessfully splash down on HOM.

Mission 39:Shuttle return

This mission unlocks Garganpia in sandbox.

Garganpia in sandbox mode after Mission 39

  • Send a spacecraft back to Garganpia.
  • Dock with Garganpia.
  • Undock the Space Shuttle.
  • Undock from Garganpia then dock to the Space Shuttle.
  • Fly the Space Shuttle to the STA.
  • Seperate from the Space Shuttle.
  • Switch to the Space Shuttle to dock it with STA.
  • Switch back to the other vessel to bring it to HOM.
  • Reenter the spacecraft and splash down on HOM.

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