Fallen Space Agency:

the logo of the Fallen Space Agency, also the agency who founded SSEAMco.

The Space and Science Exploration Agency has quickly made successful of missions and programs, also built the space station STA SEA, PCC (Proton Control Center),The ECS (European Communications Station) and the Giant SCPS (Solar Composition Probe Station) and the Proton Explorer. making the successful new agency rise. then founded its manufacturing corporation, SSEAMco (following the name of the space agency itself)

new official black version logo of SSEAMco

Our Company helped SSEA build STA SEA and SCPS and have built new reusable rockets to deliver payloads to the two stations.

Philippines Space Center
Launchpad/s: 25A 38A 39A 38B 39B
Landing Pad/s: L1A L1B L2A L2B
Runway/s: 33 11

both space agencies helped the government of the Philippines to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia (Warning!: this is Roleplay) (read article here)

new official white version logo of SSEAMco

Sabah Space Center
Launchpad/s: 40A 40B 25B
Landing pad/s: L3A L3B
Runway/s: Sabah Air Force Base

After the force reclamation, building a launchpad and reviving the filipino culture in that province, the Filipinos who live and left their home from Sabah to Sulu to live in peace. but now they returned to where they lived restoring the culture of Sabah


after two months, (unreal) an earthquake happened near the island of Palau, Sarangani ( where the hypothetical launchpad and landing pad 38A, 39A ,25A ,L1A and B located.) seeing the destruction of those structures bring a major halt from developments and projects of SSEA. all rocket launches, crew expedition and cargo transfer to space stations, rocket test especially the space shuttle, were severely affected by the earthquake, resulting the delay of those missions. forcing to use the unused launchpad in Mati City ( see remaining launchpads and landing pads) resulting in protests in the city. from there the space center was unused (except the shuttle landing runways of course) the only way to launch rockets, shuttle tests, crew, cargo and payloads to space, is to deliver them to Sabah Space center via Cargo Ships (the crew, via Airplane) it will take for weeks to transport those rockets to Sabah transporting via Sea.

two weeks later, the STA SEA was hit by a group of debris left from an exploded communications satellite, it was not so lucky because the crew already left the station after 6 months in space, in the time the crew got home, the debris was tracked and it was too late to maneuver the station. after the collision, the station survived. the two segments of CSgt nuclear generators survived the debris and did not leaking radioactive materials inside and outside of the station. then send the crew back to the station quickly to check if the system is fine or not and to maneuver the station to higher orbits.

STA SEA, crew docked to station after the debris

After that incident, SSEA lost its power and therefore, all Stations, Vehicles, Tests, and Program, handled to SSEAMco . SSEA is trying to recover once again to fully operate again. Launchpad Constructions is still occured on the launchpads mentioned

the first shuttle to docked to SEA, also the first operational in space

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