This project is CANCELLED - REASON: Recalculations showed us that the Gemini Service Module is NOT capable of flying through YEL's rings. As we have other priorities right now, we will not design a new spacecraft to go through the rings and the YEL study will be stopped for now. We might revisit this after we completed our other missions

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Yes, now we're fully running and we can multitask now!

Redesigning the ADS gave us the idea to build multiple scientific outposts in the major arms of our solar system. This led us to that one unique planet...


Yes, we are talking about YEL! The only planet with rings we know. We have a lot of ideas for research around the planet. Let's start with talking about the rings



NASA's (very) old Gemini spacecraft was a manned spacecraft. It was dockable, but only with a specific type of docking port we don't use anymore nowadays. But we aren't planning to using the manned part.

Scientists have calculated that the Gemini Service Module can navigate through the rings of YEL. It's currently the only spacecraft capable of doing that. And we have the blueprint for it. So we can retrofit the spacecraft for ring study, and maybe even land on YEL's surface! (if it has one...)

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