We're proud to announce the construction of our second research station which will be nicknamed Imaginator (unlike RS1 this has nothing to do with any history of the station). Construction will start on June 17, 2019


The station features 2 ADS detection computers instead of the familiar one. Every computer is paired with a control room, MSS science module and an ISAAC module to process the data collected.

In the inner part the station features 3 main stretched passages. The center one is basically a corridor and connects the control rooms. The two outer passages feature medical bays, plant gardens, habitation or cargo modules and the previously mentioned MSS science and ISAAC modules.

In the upper part you find the experimental CSgt Nuclear Power Generators also found on the first RS and an Airlock as docking bay (Shuttle compatible).

The lower part features a docking "fork" with 3 Airlocks for docking (1 is shuttle compatible). Attached to the docking fork are 2 narrow solar panels.

The whole station is powered by 4 large solar panels, the two smaller ones mentioned before and the nuclear generators.

Changes to original plans

Our original plan was to construct a rotating station which is located near LUN, GRN, RED and YEL but a rotating station would be too complicated to build right. After all, a rotating station is for people staying very long in space and that is not the case with the research stations. Because we need to redesign the station we decided to pull the station near SOL forward and delay the rotating one

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