Pollution is getting worse and HOM is warming up. InterStoffar teamed up with organizations who try to save the earth and started a pollution measuring program

The mission was built around the Atmospheric probe. It was dropped into HOM's atmosphere and uploaded its data to an Advanced Communications Sattelite (also known as the Survey Sattelite by other agencies). Then the data was sent back to HOM. This may seem useless, but as the probe isn't designed for research on our own planet, the antenna is pointed to space. It was a quick and cheap mission after all. Sadly, after uploading the data, the probe crashed into the ocean and was destroyed. Again, it wasn't designed for our planet, and a parachute would be useless there.


Everything went as planned. But we were shocked when we saw the results. A very quick summary: we need to save our earth, now it's not too late.

CO2 concentration is around 415ppm

  • Advanced Comms Sattelite orbiting HOM
  • Last piece seen from the probe after the crash :(
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