The doctors at the Imperial Hospital, as well as the most top-notch surgeons have successfully brought the Kaiser into a moderate condition! He is still recovering from his shot, and he is being interviewed by reporters and journalists. The doctors said it will not be that okay for him to speak, as his diaphragm is ruptured. The Kaiser allowed the reporters in, however, but he put his words on a device, similar to what Stephen Hawking used.

He said:

"Hello, my fellow loyal supporters! From my point of view, I remember walking into the palace to rest, as I was tired from my tour and also a little bit drunk. Then, I heard a shot from my back, and felt a hot thing inside my body, and when I touched it, there was blood. I turned around and saw rustling in the garden, and, I fell unconscious. Then I just woke up in the hospital telling me what happened. I saw the news, and I have doubts that Graf Albrecht must have bribed a guard to try and kill me. I know it was a guard because, just right before falling unconscious, I saw some shrapnel inside the palace in front of me. I knew only Ducal Guards have the right to carry through-piercing ammunition. Maybe the conspiracy is true? He did not want speculations such as what I said earlier in a speech at a gymnasium. Whatever. I will do my best to apprehend this traitor!"

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