Not to be confused with Space Shuttle.


So, this is my blog on my design, the Shuttle. My purpose for designing it is that I am not contented with the shuttle of today's Space Agency version.

I want a functional one that can be used as a lab, a shuttle, and a station, all at the same time. I give its callsign "SLS" (Shuttle-Lab-Station).

This can be an exploration station for its ability to go for long without being resupplied every now and then, a shuttle for transferring payloads, and a laboratory, for its ability to conduct experiments in its very small rooms, and the control room.


The SLS may attach payloads in both its "side wombs" to its backbone of dockable steel framework, particularly modules, and protect them with doors made of radiators, provide power and life support, fuel, and protection.

It has two corridors in front for docking to a station, and two cockpits for the captain and pilot. There is also a transponder, with NaviComp waypoint "SLS" and long name "Shuttle 1". There are two antennae also for communication.

Its large need for power means it has 6 large RTGs with 3 on either side, and 2 large photovoltaic generators and MSS Solar Panels, 1 each on either side.

For propulsion, there are 8 fuel silos on the shuttle. The main engines are 3x Builder Tugs and 2x Voyager Main Body as boosters. There are four Voyager Main Bodies on the shuttle, 2 on either side, as thrusters.

Future Additions

If the CSgt Arm gets added to the game, it may be added inside both of the side wombs.


Shuttle (Station Design)

Shuttle. Notice the power and fuel it needs.

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