Ringer 11

This probe will be on another mission to study YEL and its rings, and will come closer to YEL than ever before. It will come almost touching the rings. This can be achieved by using a controlled Deep Space Maneuver that can be only achieved with extreme precision. It will study the rings' phenomena, such as that of irregular shadow figures on the rings, as well as their synchronism.

But, there is something new with the objectives: Slingshot to ENC, YEL's special moon, which is binary with its parent, like Pluto and Charon. It will study the moon inside its SOI for the first time, unlike Ringer 10, which studied it outside in a "flyby". The ENC flyby will be longer, as its new special engines and thrusters will slow it down. It will study surface features of ENC primarily, in preparation for a landing mission.


Ringer 12, mostly known as EUC-LID-IAN or EUCLIDIAN, is an acronym for:

E - NC

U - nderwater

C - lipper

L - ife

I - nfrared 

D - iscoverer

I - maging

A - nalysis of a

N - ew Horizon

After the Ringer 10 mission, it was known that there is water underneath the surface because of cryogeysers, cryovolcanoes, frozen rivers, and an atmosphere of water vapor. A very big subterreanean lake has been discovered, too and it would be examined carefully by the lander. Ringer 11, as I said before, will look for a suitable place to land, probably a basin or a flat glacier. Once it lands, it will examine the surface of those said minerals and substances. But, its main objective is to dig in the surface and find life, using state-of-the-art tools, such as the InSigHTS (Infrared Signals and Heat and Temperature Sensor) tool, to detect the heat signals emitted from carbon-based life expected on ENC.


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