So, I have a new signature:

Seiner Majestaet Alexis Jules Leizen von Dorfplatz I h.i. (talk) 08:59, June 16, 2019 (UTC)

By the way, that is not my real name. However, it is inspired by my real name, something like a rip-off. h. i. means Herzog und Kaiser, but literally Herzog und Imperator, because I am the Herzog, or Duke of the Grand Duchy of Dorfplatz, specifically the Dorfplatz rivers and the state itself, and Kaiser/Imperator, or the Emperor of the Dorfplatzian Empire, including crown dependencies, colonies, protectorates, and dominions. But, they are conjoined, as they are joint titles. Like if you lose one title, you lose both. The I after the name means that I am Jules the First. Roman numerals. I - the first, II - the second, and so on. The Seiner Majestaet is just the German word for His Majesty.

So, the name translates to:

His Majesty Alexis Jules Leizen of Dorfplatz the First Duke-Emperor.

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