This page is just my opinions and predictions on what future missions will be on the game. It is still up to Andy if he will add my suggestions.

Note: Budget and Time Limit values are unclear, so that will be up to Andy.


  • Mission 37 - Shield Repair: Deliver control module and a new robotic arm to the station. To do this, install a hub between the Oxygen Garden and the Station Module to the bottom right-hand side of the station. Then, put the Control Room below and the arm below the former. Connect both modules to Power. Refuel and recharge the Shuttle, and undock from the Station proper. Use the arm to dock with the shuttle. Grab the toolkit cargo from the "Cargo" menu, and transfer at least 2 to the station.
  • Mission 38 - Stork Perching: Now that the shuttle is repaired, re-enter it to HOM. Tilt the station 45 degrees rotation-wise, and the Shuttle should be viewed from the right side in the Re-entry proper. Keep it tilted that way, and once in between the two green target markers, deploy landing gear and parachute.
  • Mission 39 - Telescope Service III: This is the final service to the telescope. Assemble the shuttle, which are comprised of: Large Fuel Tank, Shuttle Boosters, and the Space Shuttle Nooleus. All of these parts can be found in the "Large" parts section. Select the solar panel small from the "Station Parts" parts section, and place it in the payload hold of the Shuttle. Launch the Shuttle, get into near rendezvous of the telescope, and, press the Arm button to the left of the Jettison button, and, tap the module/robotic arm, and maneuver the panel into position for docking. Once docked, press the Jettison button. Connect the panel to Power. Then, re-enter the Shuttle successfully.
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