So, the United Overworld Nation Space Cooperative's Deep Space Mapping  in cooperation with the Dorfplatz's (my analogue of a Rhenian Germany) Mobiltelekam, Chinsol's (my analogue of the Qing empire) Daoguang-Tiangong, Mondland's (my analogue of a socialist Polish-Swedish-Russian union) Zbiecda, and Laurasia-Iroquoia's (my analogue of the Iroquois confederation) Quetzalcoatl, have found an alien probe, from a distant star system.

It has come from star system Kepler-82A, more known as "Whitedot System", for its famous white giant.

It is 738,093,129,393 NaviComp units away from HOM.

We only have detected it uses Alpha Waves. 

Help us identify it more!


Alpha wave detected at more than 50,000 NCUs from ENC.

Alpha wave from alien probe codename K82A-P1 "Beamdot Doe".

Update 1

K82A-P1 has made a flyby of YEL, passing ENC and is now on route to HOM. From the Mondland Deep Space Network, located in 8 locations around HOM, and based on our telescopy, our engineers have made a diagram of the craft:

Pioneer G

Update 2

K82A-P1 has slowed down using atmospheric drag at HOM. A cooperation between Dorfplatz and Chinsol's space shuttles have brought the object down to be studied on HOM.

It has a magnetic tape, and it contained:

Name: Pionier Gamma

Datum der Weltraumstart: 6 April 1975

                   Unserm botschaft zu jemand er entdecken:

Hallo, Bürger einer unbekannten Welt, einer großen Zivilisation wie wir, Arier, die diese Botschaft verstehen, wir kommen in Frieden. Unsere Mission war die Erkundung unseres Sternensystems, und unsere Geschwindigkeit hat uns zu Ihnen geführt. Wir kommen in Frieden, wir, ja, wenn Sie in der Nähe sind, die Zivilisation des Weißen Punkts, wenn Sie unseren Standards entsprechen.        -Wernher von Braun und Adolf Hitler, der Fuehrer das Weissen Punkts

The photos and videos we received:

Warning, people of Whitedot, the media may be disturbing. If you are a non-Aryan.

Propaganda 1


"Image is too disturbing, for a non-Aryan."

Propaganda 2-0

Propaganda 2-0

Propaganda 1-0

Propaganda 1-0

There are more images and videos, but, as of now, they are top-secret among the space cooperative of the four space powers.

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