aka Jules

  • I live in Dorfplatz
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is Kaiser of Dorfplatzer Empire and head of several dynasties and realms, director of the military and the space agency.
  • I am a Kaiser
  • KaiserRedGamer

    This is the first part of a list of constellations I made for the Space Agency night sky.

    Constellations Legend

    1. Draconius - A dragon resembling the Ender Dragon of Minecraft.
    2. Triangulum Orthogonus - A right triangle.
    3. Triangulum Equilaterus - An equilateral triangle.
    4. Triangulum Isoceles - An isoceles triangle.
    5. Fistulus - A water faucet.
    6. Triangulum Minor - A small triangle pertaining to drafting triangles.

    Constellations Description/Trivia

    1. The constellation Cursor represents a player in the Olympic games doing a marathon.
    2. Mucros was the cutlass of a very famous Dorfplatz knight.
    3. Volantem Machina resembles the Space Shuttle.
    4. The constellation Pistris represents a hammerhead shark.
    5. Porcus and Fistulus are "Equatorial Constellations".

    Stars, star clusters, a…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    (In response to:,_Voyager_X)

    I have an image:

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    As the summer solstice ends the EUC-LID-IAN mission will be on the way.

    I have some mission proposals:

    1) The ENC Orbit Rendezvous

    So, I'm going to use a: Tug Module Heavy + LK Lander Legs + Gemini Service + LOK Doc. Mod.

    To land it, I will use the tug to slow it down, then ditch it as a headstart for digging, then land the legs. Then, it will start drilling. In the meantime (while it is landing) a return craft with: Orion Service + Connector Black Arrow + Crew Capsule Dockable will go to ENC and wait for it to finish doing the digging.

    Once the lander drill is done, the ascent stage (Gemini SM + LOK Doc. Mod.) will go to the return craft and bring the samples there. After that, the return craft will fire its engines out of ENC, but into a YEL-c…

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    Been a While Now

    August 5, 2019 by KaiserRedGamer

    Oh my I made a lot of good edits and pages on this wiki yet no one seems to recognize... thought I would even be a rollback because of my contributions...

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  • KaiserRedGamer

    These are just some good rocket designs based on real-life ones that I want to share with you all.

    Please enjoy!

    The Atlas V is a rocket by the ULA.

    How to build: Delta 4 1st Stage + Ariane 6 Boosters + Delta 4 Connector + Delta 4 Second Stage + Fairing (Medium) or Tug Module (Medium) + Fairing Super Long

    How to build: Atlas V + Space Shuttle Nooleus

    The Mercury-Atlas Launch Vehicle was the launch vehicle for the Freedom capsules on medium-staged rockets.

    How to build: Nooleus First Stage + Black Arrow Connector + GLV

    To Launch: Discard the first stage halfway through the launch so that the Gemini Service Module runs out of fuel before reaching orbit (sounding rocket).

    Is the launch vehicle of the Cassini and Voyager probes.

    How to build: Titan 2 1s…

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