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IACS (InterAgency Community Sandbox), is a sandbox started by LambdaTech, Rimor Locus, and NeS Program. Currently being built by United Space Alliance at this moment, it is now in

Phase IV

Phase I

The IARV (Inter Agency Research Vehicle), is the starting point for the sandbox, and is shaped like a large Templar cross.

Phase II

NeS Program didn't do much work, and now it's up to Rimor Locus to finish phase II.

Phase II.I

Rimor Locus is now finishing phase II.I. Switched Station Modules for O2 Gardens. 

Phase III

Adding Fuel Tanks and Station Tugs

Phase IV

Agency Waiting List

Agency Phase Number Received
LambdaTech I
NeS Program II
Rimor Locus II.I & III
United Space Alliance IV
FreeFlight Space Agency V
Mass Fusion Agency VI
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