As we can see, we can launch manned spaceship ,but we don't have any man in it. Is it really "manned" spacecraft? I don't think it counts. So I came up with this concept.

My astronaut is some kind of combination of Kerbal Space Program Kerbonaut and Space Station Continuum Astronaut. Their appearance is really a human, not a cargo. (sorry Centauri Spacework)

This is my astronaut. Isn't she cute? I apologize for using Equestria Girl as astronaut. That's the only thing in my computer that looks like human. And those buttons are for control astronaut. STOP button can exit this mode.



There will be five types of astronauts: pilots, engineers, scientists, passengers and medic. Pilots can control ships, engineers can repair ships, scientists can do science experiments. They're the same as KSP(LMAO). Here comes the interesting stuff, passenger can't do anthing, and medic can heal other astronauts, but only work in Medical Bay.

Astrouants have health bar, they need O2, H2O, low CO2 level and food(a new cargo) to live. If any one of above is missed, their health bar will drop slowly. If they run out of health bar, they'll die. (Picture WIP)

Here's the control panel of astronaut. There are name, type and other buttons.

. And if they re-entry in atmosphere with only EVA suit, they'll also die. 

Or another easy way, they're immortal just like KSP Kerbonaut. But they'll also die in re-entry due to tempature.

They have to return to home eventually, but unless we have SSTO, or go to GOL would be a one way trip.


You can control astronauts by click on the "astronaut view button"(another new stuff, yay!). You can click on an astronaut. And the control panel will appear just like electronic view. It will show his/her name, yes, they have unique random names, just like KSP. Astronaut type. And other control buttons. EVA can make them do EVA, I'll talk about that later. SIT can make them sit on seats, it's important when they need to re-entry. OTHER can show astronaut detail screen(which is just like this ,credit: Centauri Spacework). 

Here comes the interesting part, CONTR can show up control buttons, make you control him/her moving and spinning around freely in the station(recommand do it in Station Module Large ), when you enter control mode, a new button will show up, it's "pick cargo" button. You can pick up and move cargo by freely by astronauts, you can even play around with them! 

Free button can make astronaut automaticly moving around, it's fun watching them walking around in the station. Move Cargo button can make them move cargo automaclly, proceed with caution.

Here, that's "pick cargo" button. And all cargo are movable and collide-able.


Astronauts can do EVA, but only in some specific parts like Airlock , Soyuz , Landing Module or Apollo. Just like KSP, they have their own EVA suit, but only in spacecraft mentioned above. 

EVA. You can do that in Airlock

They can do jobs in EVA, Engineer can repair broken parts, Scientists can do experiments and refresh science equipments.

If landed on planets, they can walking around on the solid planet like LUN. If it's liquid planets like GOL, they'll be like.... idk, i didn't think about that. On solid planet, they can plant flag (picture WIP), just like KSP.

yeah, that's all. I hope you like it. If you have questions, feel free to comment below!

Ian75 - Houston, we have a problem (talk) 11:32, July 18, 2020 (UTC)

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