Current configuration (above) by Lenrala

Assignment User Status
Phase 13 Huffshipbuilding Returned
Phase 12 PeteTeradactyl Returned
Phase 12 TheScientistToBe MIA
Phase 11 Lenrala Returned
Phase 10 The Maths God Returned
Phase 9 CSgt Returned
Phase 8 LambdaTech Returned
Phase 7 CSgt Returned
Phase 6 Tesseractcubed Returned
Phase 5 VuongGong23 Returned
Phase 4 A FANDOM User Returned
Phase 3 ISAAC Organization Returned
Phase 2 Spacexnow Returned
Phase 1 CSgt Returned
Phase 0 ISAAC Organization Completed

~ Please scroll down to see the complete photo gallery of all construction phases of Station Volunteer (VOL) ~

PSX 20180630 160310.jpg

Known simply as "Volunteer" (VOL), this Community Sandbox has been added to the rotation, should anyone wish to participate in its growth and development.

~Concept: construction of a new space station was started, but only its massive central core was completed. With the help of various space agencies this station can be built using the inventive ideas of those in charge of these space programs.

Guidelines: Each space agency agrees to...

  • Add about 5 to 10 modules to the space station, in any location and configuration they choose.
  • Try to finish your work within 48-72 hours.

Phase 11: Station Upgrade by Lenrala

Screenshot 2018-01-08-09-46-20.png

==Phase 10: Station Upgrade by The Maths God

Screenshot 2018-01-08-09-15-33.png

Phase 9: Station Upgrade by CSgt, York Space Agency

PSX 20171107 192237.jpg

Phase 8: Station Upgrade by LambdaTech

PSX 20171107 181423.jpg

Phase 7: Station Upgrade by CSgt, York Space Agency

Screenshot 2017-09-13-19-28-21.png

Phase 6: Station Upgrade by TesseractCubed

Screenshot 2017-09-11-23-21-55.jpg

Phase 5: Station Upgrade by VuongGong23

Screenshot 2017-09-01-18-44-32.png

Phase 4: Station Upgrade by A FANDOM USER

Screenshot 2017-08-18-14-14-21.png

Phase 3: Station Upgrade by ISAAC Organization

Screenshot 2017-08-18-14-07-56.png

Phase 2: Station Upgrade by Spacexnow

Screenshot 2017-03-23-12-30-58.png

Phase 1: Station Upgrade by CSgt, York Space Agency

Screenshot 2017-03-19-21-54-59.png

Phase 0: The Beginning by ISAAC Organization

Screenshot 2017-03-18-20-56-42.png

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