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Current configuration (above) by Jereandr

User Date Sent Date Returned
Oberon1277 11/30/2017 Not Returned
Jereandr 10/26/2017 11/13/2017

Square One Station (SQR)

Square One (SQR) is a new and growing station. As with all space stations, power is always a prime commodity.

As the station grows, designs must include ample Solar Panels to power any additions that are constructed. Four interior mounted solar panels have been supplied to get developers started, as well as four Oxygen Gardens, and plenty of Water Tanks, and extra Batteries.

Square One (SQR) is ready for expansion. Is anyone interested in turning this simple square into a huge, bustling and productive space station?

~Guidelines: Each space agency agrees to...

  • Add about 5 to 10 modules to the space station, in any ONE location and configuration they choose.
  • Try to finish your work within 48-72 hours and return for updating this blog. Thanks!

Phase 1: Station addition by Jereandr

Screenshot 2017-11-24-19-04-49.png

Phase 0: The Beginning by ISAAC Organization

Screenshot 2017-09-10-22-41-27.jpg

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