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Current configuration (above) by The legendary M

Phase User Date Sent Date Returned
Phase 10 open
Phase 9 open
Phase 8 open
Phase 7 open
Phase 6 open
Phase 5 open
Phase 4 open
Phase 3 The Man of inter 06/29/2018
Phase 2 The legendary M 01/31/2018 02/04/2018
Phase 1 Teamrocket2002 12/02/2017 12/09/2017
Phase 0 ISAAC Organization Established 11/08/2017

Skyfall Station (SKY)

Skyfall is a Community Sandbox, designed to be used for experimental projects; primarily atmosphermic and transportation, but any experiments are welcome aboard station.

Thank you!

~Guidelines: Each space agency agrees to...

  • Add about 5 to 10 modules to the space station, in ONE location and configuration they choose.
  • Try to finish your work within 48-72 hours and return for updating this blog. Thanks!

<tabber>Phase 2: The legendary M= Phase 2: Station Expansion by The legendary M

Screenshot 2018-02-04-21-51-29.png

|-|Phase 1: Teamrocket2002= Phase 1: Station Expansion by Teamrocket2002

Screenshot 2017-12-29-13-08-21.png

|-|Phase 0: ISAAC= Phase 0: The Beginning by ISAAC Organization

Screenshot 2017-11-09-14-44-03.jpg