ENC 탐사미션

1단계:새로운 행성에 착륙하기위해 연료가 많은 탐사선을 발명한다. (ACC PRO-A2,ACC PRO-A3,ACC PRO-A4)

2단계:ENC로 가기위한 최단항로를 계산한다.(실패,대신 행성을 스윙바이 안하고 가는법을 개발했다.)

3단계:발사및 착륙


발사예정일:한국시간 PM 9:00

ENC Exploration

Step 1: Invent a fuel-rich probe to land on a new planet. (ACC PRO A-2,ACC PRO A-3,ACC PRO A-4)

Step 2:C calculates the shortest route to go to ENC (failure, have developed a way to get to the planet without swing-by instead).

Step 3:launch and land

Step 4:Return to Earth

Date of scheduled launch:

(GMT-4) AM 8:00(6/9)

(GMT+2) PM 2:00(6/9)

(GMT+3) PM 3:00(6/9)

(GMT+9) PM 9:00(6/9)

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