The following is the official lore for NeS Program's Space City 3 project.

The year 2123. As technology steadily advances, mankind looks to the stars. The thought of colonizing space becomes more and more feasible with each passing day as a flood of new space agencies are formed. 

The year 2125. Many major scientific organizations and institutions have come forward to confirm the growing public concerns that the Earth will not be able to sustain our exponentially growing population for much longer. They estimate about 15-20 years before the total breakdown of society as we know it. Mankind begins to place their hope in the many new space agencies that promise a better future among the stars. 

The year 2126. The League of Space Agencies is created to unite the best space agencies towards a common goal: to colonize space and save humanity from extinction. One of The League’s many agencies, NeS Program, proposes to build a ‘Space City’, a self-sufficient space station that would theoretically be able to exist without any help from Earth. However, this is rejected due to low cost-effectiveness. Instead, the top agencies of The League announce their plan to colonize the Moon, which is deemed to be the most cost-effective solution. They expect the Moon colony to be completed before the end of the decade.

The year 2129. The League of Space Agencies has successfully established the Moon colony, and the first colony ship arrives soon after. Humanity has high hopes as the colony continues to expand. However, many are concerned about its heavy reliance on Earth’s resources, owing to the fact that a sustainable biosphere is taking longer than expected to establish. Meanwhile, NeS Program tries but fails to independently create a sustainable ‘Space City’, lacking the budget and resources necessary without assistance from other agencies. 

The year 2133. Earth’s resources are strained to the point where it is no longer sustainable. The total and irreversible collapse of society is predicted to happen within only a few years. Economies around the world are slowly and painfully declining. Tensions are rising as the threat of a global economic depression looms. The Lunar colony proves its over-reliance on Earth’s resources as supply missions from Earth are becoming less and less frequent. NeS Program, now one of The League’s best agencies, again proposes to build a self-sustainable station, but only manages to earn the support of 10 out of the 112 agencies that make up The League. Despite this, construction begins on November 10th, 2133, and thus Space City 3 was born.

Written by DylanH121 and approved by NeS Program

Space City 3 Logo by DylanH121

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