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I've developed this program in JAVA to help us design our constructions beforehand in a simple way. I got all part pictures from CommanderOz 's SVG Station Planner Kit.

It's got a simple drag and drop interface and you can save your designs and recover them later.

If you wanna report a bug or make a sugestion, you are welcome to leave a comment.

Donations are appreciated: (Yes, my name is Víctor)



This app runs on JAVA, therefore you need to install JVM in your computer (unless it already is). You can find it here.

LINUX: If you are using OpenJDK, you will have to install OpenJFX as well. you can use the following command on the terminal:

         >> sudo apt-get install openjfx

Platform Version Download
All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.3.1b download here
All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.3.0b

download here (multiple user reported it doesn't load)

NOTE: if you download this version, please post a comment saying wheter or not it loads.

All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.2.1b download here
All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.2.0b download here
All Platforms (needs JAVA) v0.1.0b download here

Version Chages Release Date
  • Improved Graphics
  • Made independent from Java Virtual Machine (no Java needed anymore)
  • Mobile phone Apps ??? (Maybe)
Not Yet
v0.3.1b Removed planets because multiple users reported it wasn't loading. 08-07-2018
  • Interfae is now dark (and better)
  • Added Planets
  • Added Blueprint style
  • Added Station Module Variation (Medic, Oxygen Garden and Controll Room)
  • Added CG calculations
v0.2.1b Fixed LK Lander Core docking port bug 18-06-2018
  • Parts with docking ports now snap to dock.
  • Added zoom buttons for those users without a scroll wheel.
  • Introduced "blueprint background" (Work In Progress).
v0.1.0b Initial Beta Deployment. 10-06-2018