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The Red Triangles, using their large army and air force, have invaded multiple states in Central Asia, forcing regime change in each of those states and instituting conscription in those states to increase their number of troops. Unfortunately, some of the more industrialized states in the region were also taken over.

Due to NATO's historical involvement in some parts, civilians in those areas are initially very welcoming of the Red Triangle Hegemony's actions. However, things took a turn for the worse in those areas, with the criminals of each occupied country released to form the secret police of those areas.

It also resulted in edgy relations between NATO and the Federated States, as the former had realized they created a huge political mess on the world stage while trying to secure fossil fuel access. The Federated States was accused by NATO and others of using aggressive diplomacy with its space fleets, as a distraction, but that fell through due to the war of aggression started by the Red Triangles. NATO has refused to get involved any longer, instead focusing on reducing the need for resources in those regions.

Currently, the Federated States, Dolor Mortis, and multiple other nations are banding together to defeat the Red Triangles before the entire planet is overrun by a dictatorship masquerading as a resistance force. Their agents will also try to gain access to nuclear weapons of the other states and turn them against us (though that bit is highly unlikely, but we'll see). However, with other countries such as the United States, Russia, India, Britain and China not being involved for political reasons, this leaves us to fight them ourselves without the help of other large forces.

The only advantage we have now is popular support due to the brutality of the enemy, and large space fleets to rely on for tactical strikes against both land forces and naval vessels.

Federal Emergency Level now at 2 for potential enemy MIRV ICBM strikes against space facilities.

The first action is to counter their anti-space weapons and halt their military advances at the same time, as they are building lots of anti-satellite missiles and laser artillery in an attempt to annihilate our space fleets.

We must keep the hope of a better future alive.

End of Federation Diplomatic Situation Report. For Earth and all life on it.

CommanderOz =Fed-Net=Fed-Log=

04:03, April 20, 2018 (UTC)

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