The Federated States government has been accused by many other nation states of using its well-equipped space forces to maintain military and diplomatic dominance on HOM. The Federation does have a large stockpile of weapons of mass destruction left over from the conflict at JOR, which complicates things further. Some of the accusing states include the Red Triangle Hegemony.

Given that the Federated States also has extensive treaties with the UN itself to represent the former in space, world peace may be at stake as various other superpower states threaten to leave the UN and form an opposing alliance, despite that the Federated States also has a clean human rights record and that the majority of people around the world accept its existence. The threat to leave the UN may be due to large numbers of Federation government workers hired as staff in the UN buildings, and the magnetism of UN policies towards the Federation's ideology.

The Federation government itself thinks that (some, but not all) big corporate entities and their cronies in other governments are trying to undermine their power via diplomatic means, as the Federation has the (justified) ability to rain hell on any country on the planet. The Red Triangle Hegemony (a fake democracy) may also be trying to subvert Federation influence.

The reason why this is known as the peacekeeper crisis is that the United Nations peacekeepers had been withdrawn by multiple member states in response, which increases the likelihood of terrorism and civil wars. The United Nations itself has summoned a General Assembly meeting to settle the dispute.

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