Although it has been in development for the Department of Civil Aerospace for a while, more funds from the Federation military has allowed the development of the new shuttle to speed up and thus finish more quickly. The military is concerned about other space agencies becoming uncooperative and perhaps hostile to the FSE's existence and influence. Even if there is no threats, the shuttle can still be used by DCA for routine heavy launches, although the military is planning to load it with loads of nuclear weapons and anti-ship missiles for future conflicts.

Features of the shuttle include:

  • Four LRBs around one large fuel tank, with all of them equipped with active anti-corrosion system for splashdown in the Indian Ocean. The LRBs are also vector-thrusted as the shuttle's atomic rocket motor isn't used until reaching orbit.
  • Multiple station modules can fit inside.
  • Has a built-in Oxygen Garden and nuclear power plant, with the latter attached to the atomic rocket motor at the back.
  • Designed for minimum crew of 3, maximum of 7.
  • Has room for future modifications. Perhaps deflector shields. Too sci fi-y for now.
  • Cheaper but more sturdier and heat resistant materials in its construction, when compared to both the US Space Shuttle and the Soviet Buran.
  • V-tail rudders, because why not.
  • All boosters and fuel tank are equipped with parachutes for re-use.
  • The orbiter is able to land at any airport after completing flights to multiple planets.
  • A quick update allows another shuttle to be installed at the back.
Super Space Shuttle.png
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