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CommanderOz CommanderOz 7 June 2018

Hammerhead-class carrier

Just as I planned using the User Launch Calendar, I completed the ship and all 8 of its attack craft.

Carrying 8 fighters to places and retrieving them, the ship can move between planets and deploy a full wing around each. It can patrol planets on its own, but will require support craft to re-arm its fighters for multiple sorties, as its supply of weapons is meant for ship defence only.

Additionally, it has sensor wings for detecting objects far away, and multiple computers for automated docking of fighters.

Saving sandboxes to Google Drive turned out to be a (really) terrible idea, as these saves get corrupted. Instead, I will head to the game itself and use its email feature to send sandboxes on request. I wish I told everyone earlier.

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CommanderOz CommanderOz 13 May 2018

Custom space shuttle

Although it has been in development for the Department of Civil Aerospace for a while, more funds from the Federation military has allowed the development of the new shuttle to speed up and thus finish more quickly. The military is concerned about other space agencies becoming uncooperative and perhaps hostile to the FSE's existence and influence. Even if there is no threats, the shuttle can still be used by DCA for routine heavy launches, although the military is planning to load it with loads of nuclear weapons and anti-ship missiles for future conflicts.

Features of the shuttle include:

  • Four LRBs around one large fuel tank, with all of them equipped with active anti-corrosion system for splashdown in the Indian Ocean. The LRBs are also ve…
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CommanderOz CommanderOz 6 May 2018

Victory over RTH ceremony

This ceremony is being carried out on the deck of the supercarrier FSS Emancipator off the coasts around the Kenyan Space Center. The aircraft on-board have vacated the carrier and are currently residing in inland airbases nearby. There will be a large air and naval escort fleet, and all attendees will arrive by helicopter of their own choosing.

It is an honour for the Federated States High Command to award all participating forces the campaign medal for simply being there to help when our homeworld is in dire need. The Red Triangle Hegemony is both an imperialistic force and a theocratic cult that brands all good peoples of HOM as heretics that need to be purged, and thus represents a threat to everyone and everything we all stand for.

All …

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CommanderOz CommanderOz 20 April 2018

War against Red Triangle Hegemony

The Red Triangles, using their large army and air force, have invaded multiple states in Central Asia, forcing regime change in each of those states and instituting conscription in those states to increase their number of troops. Unfortunately, some of the more industrialized states in the region were also taken over.

Due to NATO's historical involvement in some parts, civilians in those areas are initially very welcoming of the Red Triangle Hegemony's actions. However, things took a turn for the worse in those areas, with the criminals of each occupied country released to form the secret police of those areas.

It also resulted in edgy relations between NATO and the Federated States, as the former had realized they created a huge political m…

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CommanderOz CommanderOz 16 April 2018

Peacekeeper Crisis

The Federated States government has been accused by many other nation states of using its well-equipped space forces to maintain military and diplomatic dominance on HOM. The Federation does have a large stockpile of weapons of mass destruction left over from the conflict at JOR, which complicates things further. Some of the accusing states include the Red Triangle Hegemony.

Given that the Federated States also has extensive treaties with the UN itself to represent the former in space, world peace may be at stake as various other superpower states threaten to leave the UN and form an opposing alliance, despite that the Federated States also has a clean human rights record and that the majority of people around the world accept its existence…

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