Listen, I want astronauts as much as we all do, but we're not really sure how they'll function. So, I've made this blog post to put my idea of how Astronauts would function in SpaceAgency. Now, the design of the astronauts will be the design Centauri Spaceworks used in his Blog, if you remember that (which you should've.). 

So, lets begin  with how they'll be loaded onto the rocket.


How I believe it should look.

This little concept (left) shows your regular CO2 Scrubber, your Water Tanks, and the blood of every robot, the Battery. However, you'll notice I added an extra box, Astronaut. This, of course, has the general look Centauri/angrycat used. Now, if you look above the giant "CARGO" you'll notice a giant "CREW" plus some slots. (Fun Fact/TL:DR ALERT: I actually found the "CREW" Texture from looking at the Tileset SpaceAgency 1.9.0 uses. Could Astronauts be closer than expected? After some more czeching, I found the same texture in 1.8.9's sheet, it appears Andy/Nooleus was planning to add Astronauts at a sooner date.)

Now, I believe you should be able to load Astronauts like how you load your regular O2 Tanks, CO2 Scrubbers, H2O Tanks, and Batteries. I'd be surprised if Andy used a different metheod to load Astronauts to certain death.

Now, Astronauts are practically useless when they're sitting around for decoration, so if you've played OpenTTD (or Transport Tycoon Deluxe, if you will), you'll know exactly from what this is inspired from. 

How I think Astronauts should be commanded.

Yup, this is basically a lower quality version of OpenTTD's Vehicle Commanding System. With your basic "Cancel", "Go To", and "Skip". Not to mention the Astronaut's name. Astronaut 1 would be your first Astronaut, while Astronaut 10 would be your 10th Astronaut. Of Course, to add another layer of depth, you can name your little Astronaut just by tapping the name. But, of course, this is how you can order your little Astronaut, you can see his launches and landings and deaths like in Angrycat's Astronaut Concept. Of course, you wouldn't be limited to just the inside of Station Modules, if you tap outside of your station, you can send your little Astronaut there and it'll be something like "Go to -1969, 07".

Well, this has officially been my longest Blog Post.

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