First, an apology for no blogs last week.  Centauri Spaceworks has been diversifying into Tiny Space Program .  A significant portion of resources has also been devoted to developing an asteroid mining game.   And everyone in the Space Agency division decided to take their vacation last week.

Here is preliminary design of Trade Station Omega.  It isn't complete but it is close. The design doesn't have the locations of the oxygen gardens, med bays, and control rooms placed.  It also doesn't have the power calculations, but with 4 nuclear generators and 12 large solar panels it should be enough to power it.


It does have 4 major docking ports (the airlocks), 4 minor docking ports (modules at 90 degrees off off the air locks), and two high security docking ports.  That is a total of 10 docking ports for ships. 

What suggestions do you have for it?  Tweet @CentauriSpace.  Maybe your suggestions will make it into the final design.

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