Sea turtle

The Sea Turtle

Sea turtle-inside

Interior of the Sea Turtle

The Sea Turtle is a 2nd generation large cargo ship produced by Centauri Ship Yards.  It can carry 48 units of cargo.  It also has space for 15 units of supplies for the crew (O2 tank, C02 scubbers and batteries). 

The foward section of the ship houses the control room, communications, and an engine pod (LK Lander Core) to help with deceleration.  The middle portion of the ship contains 6 cargo hold modules for transporting water or batteries.  It also houses a lateral engine used for rotating and lateral manuvers.  The aft section of the ship contains another engine pod, and fuel. 

The Sea Turtle was build using parts from the decomissioned Squidward.  Unlike the Squidward, it has good lateral mobility thanks to the  engine that is positioned in the between the two cargo holds.  

The 4 solar panels provide enough power to run the control room, 3 engine rooms, and a connecting passage. Unllike the 1st generation, these panels can be left open while in flight

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