Centauri Spaceworks started work on developing an navigational aid.  This device emits a bright beam of light on regular intervals, similar to a lighthouse or a pulsar. The device is designed to help guide astronauts in space back to HOM and the Space Agency Wiki.  The official name is InterStellar nAvigation Assistance deviCe, but is nicknamed the ISAAC Star in honor of one of the major contributors to the Space Agency Wiki who has been away for some time.

ISAAC Star 1

At the core of the ISAAC Star are two space telescopes that have been modified to emit bright beams of light.  These are powered by a nuclear reactor.  Once assembled the devices is spun up to a specific rotation.  The rotation causes the ISAAC Star to appear to flash at a specific frequency.

The initial test of the ISAAC Star was a partial success.  The device was able to be spun up and maintain a stable position in space.  However there was not enough fuel on board the two converted telescopes to be able to spin the device up to the desired speed and have enough fuel to decelerate it when maintenance was required.  More research is required to make this a functional device.

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