The Hermit

Wealthy oil tycoon and germaphobe, Harold Hawkes, commissioned Centauri Spaceworks to construct a small ship called the Hermit.  Rumor has it that he plans to live out his life in the far reaches of the solar system away from the bacteria and germs on Earth.

To begin the construction of the Hermit, an ATV was launched with supplies including: water, food, and Harold's personal library of books. It was connected to an oxygen garden to supply atmosphere and additional food.  A transponder module was added on for communication.  Finally an Orion Capsule with Harold was launched and connected to the 3 modules already in Earth orbit.

Harold then left orbit, traveling first to KAT, the heading on to JOR where he plans to stay until earth is free of germs, or his supplies run out, whichever comes first.

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