Today, Centauri Spaceworks hired their first proofreader, Jonathan Bean.  Jonathan promptly found that Centauri Spaceworks' name had been misspelled in many places. Numerous places had omitted the 'u', labeling the organization as Centari Spaceworks.

Given the wide spread nature of the misspelling, the board of directors considered simply changing the official name to Centari Spaceworks and leaving the misspelling.  However, this weakened the connection to the stars which the space agency was named after.  The board voted by 9-1 to begin the slow process of correcting the name to the correct spelling of Centauri.

In the next week the website will change from to  Blog posts will be updated with the correct spelling.  Rockets will be re-painted. Signs will be re-signed.

From this day forward Centari Spaceworks will be known by its correct spelling as Centauri Spaceworks.

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