The Centauri Spaceworks workshop is currently struggling with a labor shortage.  Construction of the Raza took over a week and modifications to the ISAAC Star have halted entirely.

This week, instead of releasing a fully constructed vehicle, Centauri is publishing the blue prints to a ship and outsourcing the construction to whatever agencies would like to build and evaluate it.  


The Pollux is a new design that has not been tested.  It place both the forward and reverse engines at one end of the ship. Engineers are curious to find out how well the ship rotates, or if it can be rotated at all.  They would love to hear how it works if you build it.

In consideration for construction and materials, Centauri Spaceworks will link to your post/tweet from this blog in addition to retweeting.  This is multiple contract opportunity and is not limited to just one agency.

Update: Here is a list of everyone who has built the Pollux. They look great! Just a reminder, this is a non-exclusive contract and still open to other agencies.

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