The Palm Tree Hotel has been upgraded with a unique feature: a space pool.  Normally water in space is a bad idea. It floats around everywhere and is hard to contain.  But that is precisely why the Palm Tree Hotel is unique. No other station has the technology to create a space pool.

The Palm Tree Hotel accomplishes this amazing feat using jets of forced air to keep the ball of water in place.  As you climb out of the pool, the jets of air, like those on high end hand dryers, squeegee the water from your body.  The process leaves you dry, and the pool wet.

To anticipate the surge in guests coming to see this attraction, an additional Orion III has been docked to be used as an escape vehicle in emergencies.  This replaces the staff vehicle that was on standby for emergencies.  It is docked across from the new space pool.  The upper dock is used for staff and deliveries.  The  lower dock is used for for guest arrivals and departures.

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