In Ask Andy,  the developer of Space Agency said  "I’d like to make the parts in Space Agency more customisable from within the game. Colour schemes, graphics etc."  That led some creative employees in the part idea department to think of this fun set of modules which are collectively know as the paint shop!


The first module is the applicator head. This has nozzles for applying the paint. The second is atomizer and compressor.  It prepares and processes the paint.  The third is the control unit.

When  all three are assembled in the following configuration, they make an operating paint shop that can customize the color or apply a logo to modules within a certain distance  The one exception is the modules of the paint shop.  They have been coated with a paint resistant coating for easy clean up and therefore will always retain their stock colors.


In addition to the three new modules, the paint shop would also need a new cargo:  paint!  In order to paint modules or apply logos, the paint shop must be supplied with paint.  The applicator head has two cargo slots for paint tanks.  These paint tanks get used up (like the other types of cargo) as modules are painted. The amount of paint needed to paint a module can vary from a full tank of paint for larger modules, down to a quarter of a tank of paint for applying a logo.


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