The Mica

Mica Schist with the docking bay doors open

Schist is an armored transport carrier for other small vehicles, like the ATV or Orion.  It can carry up to four of these vehicles in a protected cargo bay.

Like the other vehicles in the armored vehicle series, the Mica Schist is protected against projectiles like stray meteorites by a series of reactive armor panels which can be detached to protect the vehicle in the event of an impending impact.

The Mica Schist features two layers of docking bay doors to protect the vehicles it is transporting.  It also has two fuel silos so it can serve as a refueling station for any of the small vehicles that dock in its docking bay.  The large size of the the Mica Schist requires it to be powered by a Proton rocket for the main engine.


The Mica Schist supports two oxygen gardens for faster refilling of docked ship's air supplies.   It is also outfitted with a med bay in case of emergencies.

Update:  Here is a list of all the vehicles in the armored vehicles series : Flint , Diorite, Granite , Mica Schist.

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