Hawkes Bio-Systems, a sub division of Hawkes Industries has contracted with Centauri Spaceworks to create a research facility.


This facility is a state of the art space laboratory dedicated to researching germs.  Due to the potentially biologically hazardous nature,  the station is located in the far reaches of the solar system, past JOR.  Its location will prevent any contamination of the station with Earth germs.  It will also prevent the contamination of Earth from any germs, alien or  domestic, that are being researched on the station.

This distance from home makes it a one way trip for an Orion III without refueling.  The station lacks a large fuel silo.  The small refuel module provides enough fuel to the two Voyager X engines for station keeping, but lacks the capacity to to repeatedly refuel crew change missions.  Crews set to Hawkes Bio-Systems use the Orion-E and its extended fuel capacity to make the round trip.


Orion-E with extra fuel tanks.

The station relies on CSgt reactors instead of solar panels to provide a reliable source of power at this distance from the SOL.

It is rumored that Harold Hawkes himself had located several specimens of alien germs while visiting the rings of YEL.  Being a notorious germaphobe it is also rumored that he immediately left YEL orbit and headed for JOR after discovering these germs.  He prefers to let his science team do the work of handling the germs and remain isolated in his Hermit II spacecraft.

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