Alrick Fons and the part development group at Centauri Spaceworks have created another part to recommend be developed by Nooleus: the fuel conversion plant.   The inclusion of this part could reduce the number of launches needed to keep the Centauri Spaceworks workshop supplied with thruster propellant.  It is similar in concept to the fuel cell part proposed back in August 2017 .  Unlike the fuel cell part, the fuel conversion plant takes extra main engine fuel and converts it into thruster propellant (or vice versa).


While amazing and a big resource saver, this process is intense and time consuming.  The conversion plant consumes 200 power when processing fuel.  It also takes 5 minutes for it to convert one tank of main engine fuel to thruster propellant.  To run this process (and store the fuel), the conversion plant requires a significant amount of equipment.  This makes it one of the biggest and heaviest modules in the game, along with the large fuel silo.

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