Centauri Spaceworks has recently begun to maintain two bases on different planets.  These bases remain very modest compared to the stations in orbit.  The limited size is due to the scourge of space gremlins that inhabit all planets with a solid surface.  These nefarious creatures cannot be seen.  The only evidence of their existence appears when trying to dock with a module while it is landed on the surface of a planet or when trying to land two modules that are docked together.  In either of these cases, the space gremlins immediately swarm the modules and cause them to explode on contact.

Until Nooleus exterminates the space gremlins, perhaps with some sort of bug spray, development of a self sustaining base is impossible.  In the mean time the outposts must be resupplied regularly from orbit.

Centauri Spaceworks uses a specially designed drop ship to deliver the cargo bays to the surface.  The drop ship has 3 engines: one for decelerating to below orbital speed, one for hovering above the surface while positioning the drop, and the third for returning to orbital speed once the cargo has been delivered.

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