The Centauri Spaceworks sandbox is starting to getting laggy so it is time to do a house cleaning before building any more creations.  Instead of just deleting stations and ships, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the sandbox with all the other Space Agency players.  However this is a pretty awesome sandbox so I felt there needed to be a challenge involved.  Check out the sandbox contents below if you have doubts about its fabulous nature.

The Challenge

The challenge is pretty simple.  I love seeing what other people are doing in the game.  To get a copy of the sandbox, all you need to do is show what you are doing in Space Agency.  You can do this in either of two ways:

  • Tweet a photo of your Space Agency creation or mission in progress.  Include @CentauriSpace  and #spaceagencygame.   Follow @CentauriSpace and you will get a direct message with the link to the sandbox.
  • Share a photo of your Space Agency creation on the Space Agency wiki.  You can write a blog, or post in the photo gallery, or add a comment to this page.  Send and email with the link to your post and your username and you will get a reply with the sandbox.

Sandbox Contents

Centauri Spaceworks Workshop @ CSW including:

Xerces Station @ XCS

Palm Tree Hotel @  PTH

Sun Station Icarus @ ICS

Mars Prison Station @ MP2

Base on BLU including orbiting supply station

Base on PUR including orbiting supply station

Modified STA @ STA

Modified MSS @MSS

High Security Station @ HSS

Mars Outpost @ RED

Sprinter II @ 2.8M  from GOL

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