CSgt arm with controls

There are always parts that are tricky to re-arrange: Voyager-X antenna, MSS sensor module, and solar panels.  Basically, any part that only has a single docking port.  Previously, the only way to re-arrange these parts was to un-dock them and then chase them down before they flew off into deep space.  This consumed fuel and was difficult if the part had any rotation transferred to it from the un-docking procedure. 

The CSgtarm is robotic manipulator arm that makes it easier to move parts in space.  It is based on the famous Canadarm .   It allows the operator to move parts that don't have a free docking port to attach to.  

The CSgtarm has 4 sets of controls.  Three of these sets control the rotation of the arm and gripper tip sections.  The fourth controls if the gripper tip section is activated or not.

When the gripper tip is activated, it tries to attach to any module that it is touching.  Its combination of magnetic and suction grippers are able to firmly attach to any module.  Once the gripper is firmly attached, the arm can be used to move the module anywhere within reach.

Centauri Spaceworks is currently searching someone, perhaps Nooleus, to construct the CSgtarm from the blueprints above.  The CSgtarm is named after CSgt for his many contributions to the Space Agency wiki.

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