The Little Gulp


The Pufferfish


Interior of the Pufferfish

Today, Centauri Shipyards released two new ship designs, the Little Gulp, and the Pufferfish

Both new ships are based on the AX2 platform that uses two Automated Transfer Vehicles docked to a hub .  A cupola is added for a cockpit and control area on one of the ATV  This base configuration allows easy acceleration and deceleration of the ship.  Cargo modules can be connected to the two other ports of the hub.  

In the Little Gulp configuration, two fuel tanks are attached giving the vehicle a very long range and the ability to refuel other vehicles.  The Pufferfish is designed for transporting O2 and CO2 scrubbers.  The Voyager X bodies allow the cargo to be transported without being used by the crew of the Pufferfish.  

Centauri Shipyards is also investigating other variations to support transporting people instead of fuel or supplies.

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