Angrycat9000 Angrycat9000 2 February 2019

No Connection? No Problem!

Station Blueprint Designer is now a fully functional progressive web app.  That means that not only can you copy it to your home screen of your phone, but you can also use it offline.  This way you can design stations anywhere you go.

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Angrycat9000 Angrycat9000 1 January 2019

New Parts for the New Year

Happy New Year from Centauri Spaceworks!  

To celebrate the new year, two new custom parts have been created: corridor bend left and corridor bend right.  These two parts let you offset parts with without the sharp corners for a more streamlined appearance.

The part is just slightly larger than a large station module, but narrower than the Voyager X body.  This allows it to be launched with a standard fairing.

You can access these parts by using the Centauri Part Pack for Station Designer .

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Angrycat9000 Angrycat9000 15 December 2018

Holiday Update

There is a new release of the Station Designer app.  The big feature in this release is the ability to load custom parts. This opens up possibilities for new stations designs.  Use the 120° Hub to create hexagonal stations.   Make a grappling station with the CSgtarm.  Build a refinery station with the fuel conversion plant.  The limit is your imagination!

As a second present to everyone, Centauri Spaceworks has released a holiday part pack with two new parts:  Holiday Xmas Module and Holiday Hanukkah Module. Both parts pair nicely with the new Ion Drive part, but can be enjoyed with any of the existing parts.

Right now creating custom parts is a bit of a technical process.  However if you want to give it a try, join the Station Designer Dis…

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Angrycat9000 Angrycat9000 10 November 2018

Station Blueprint Designer Updates Nov 2018

The team at Centauri Spaceworks has been busy updating the Station Blueprint Designer app with new features since its initial release.

  • 1 Themeing
  • 2 Snapping
  • 3 Discord Server
  • 4 New URL
  • 5 Future Features

There were some tricks going on as the app got dressed in a new Halloween themed costume. 

Snapping also had a small improvement. Now snapped docking ports are indicated by a circle with a ring around it instead of just changing color. This should make it easier to identify when a docking port is snapped.

There is now also a Discord server if you want to share your creations, post suggestions, be a tester, etc.

The biggest news is that the app also got a new URL: . The new URL and hosting service should make for better looking…

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Angrycat9000 Angrycat9000 5 November 2018

Categories for Blueprint Designer

The team at Centauri Spaceworks is planning how to add categories to the Station Blueprint Designer app .  The only question is what should the categories be?  

What do you think they should be?  This is your chance to influence the app.  Comment below with the list of categories you would like to see the parts broken down into.

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