Engineers make concepts become reality but artists design with aesthetics that will enhance the experience of the user, especially if the concept is designed for living. It has been years since the space station modules were arranged according to an acute-angled grid. Space Architects at SHAX are conducting research on 3-Way Hub and implimenting it on space station concepts.

Today, Space Habitat Angkasa-X (SHAX) from Angkasa-X (AX) introduces Design Possibilites With 3-Way Hub and Stations Concepts that will give the idea of how the 3-way hub affect the architecture of modular space station design.


3-Way hub is not a new idea. Some other agency have intoduced their own version of station hub. 3-way hub also reduce the number of module that can be docked to it. However, the angles and patterns formed from the use of 3-way hubs are more natural and visually appealing. Psychologically, it will also improve the cognitive mapping for the occupants.

The concept design here are drawn as close to scale and close to a precise geometry as possible. Anything docked are likely what it will look like either with the 4-way hub or the conceptual 3-way hub.

Strand of modules with 3-Way Hub.

Geometries from closed-loop arrangement

Hexagonal loop








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