Angkasa-X has confirmed alot of data loss caused by WannaFry virus attack. The virus has struck across Angkasa-X departments including Interplanatery Lab (AXIL) and Propellant Lab (AX-JPL) computer servers.

The malicious software locks up computer files with all-but-unbreakable encryption and then demands a ransom in the virtual currency bitcoin for its release. Even worse, the unstable malware has crashed alot of computers and wiped all of it's the data.

AX-JPL has stopped the production and launch of Siakap rockets but Punai 9 rocket is still in service.

Punai 9 rocket cores under construction at Angkasa-X Sepang facility

Kaliper? Well it was gone too. Kaliper is managed by AXIL. Only some of it's data are safe. The mission can be continued but not very soon.

Space Habitat Angkasa-X (SHAX) is unaffected and currently the only active department in Angkasa-X. SHAX department is busy making designs and concepts for new stations. SHAX new concept is Purnama station and looking for other agency to launch and assemble the modules. The New Hepard for space tourism is also actively progressing. The booster is having an upgrade to make it reusable. 

Angkasa-X is now relying on the help of other agencies to make launch and monitor space probes while recovering the lost datas.

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