Najm Space Agency Transparent

Najm Space Agency logo, partnering with Angkasa-X AX

Najm Space Agency (نجم) is a privatized national space agency of ARB. In the partering deal, there will be more launch by AX especially for the partnerning agency, Najm in 2018.

Some of the confirmed proposed mission by Najm with AX are Ba'idn Station (بعيد ), Qamarun Space Habitat (قمر), Harun & Baridn survery satellite (البارد والحار) and Snowflake project which includes Sag & Kabirun vessels. (الصغير والكبير)

Najm has also bought the previously canceled AX Sky Lab design to build the ARB country's first space station. The 9-module sky lab has been renamed as Qaribn (قريب) and will be located in the low HOM orbit.

Original logo artwork inspired by Nick Slater - Ad Astra Patch Instagram: Nick Slater

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