Projek Kaliper mission patch

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Survey datas from Projek Kaliper mission shows that the planets and the moons' physical are uneven and might have flattening effect. Scientists that involved in the survey suggest that the data inconsistency could be caused by the physical of the planet itself or bending of the space grid which is even more mind blowing to think of.

Angkasa-X Interplanetary Laboratory (AXIS) that manages the mission has many other pending missions waiting for the Kaliper mission to complete, but it looks like there will be a very long delay to start the missions.

Kaliper Vessel which has two routes is currently at ENC , the 5th celestial body visited by the vesel after HOM , LUN , RED and YEL . The first route ends after visiting GRN followed by a HOM flyby before arrival at PUR to start the 2nd route. The resurvey mission to the previous visited planet might be conducted after complteting both two route. Kaliper mission was supposed to end after finishing the two route but delayed after the survey data inconsistency issues.

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