New Hepard Demo patch

NewHepard Launch

Space Habitat Angkasa-X (SHAX) has launched a demo flight of NewHepard, an orbital rocket to launch a capsule into orbit for space tourism.

Main booster separation

The rocket was developed with the help of Angkasa-X Jet Propeller Laboratory (AX-JPL). NewHepard program is fully managed by SHAX and has it's own launch and landing facilities on the ground.

Boostback burn after flip manouver

NewHepard has an orbiting capsule that offers long duration micro-gravity experience and the fascinating view of HOM. The capsule orbits HOM as long as the air and power supply can last.

NewHepard Capsule re-entry

The first stage carries the capsule and second stage to orbit while the second stage is used for flip manouver and boostback burn in orbit for capsule re-entry. The capsule uses parachute to decelerate for landing.

This is first generation of NewHepard and engineers at AX-JPL is working on reusable NewHepard boosters and powered landing.

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