NewHepard Demo

New Hepard Demo patch

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NewHepard Launch

Space Habitat Angkasa-X (SHAX) has launched a demo flight of NewHepard, an orbital rocket to launch a capsule into orbit for space tourism.

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Main booster separation

The rocket was developed with the help of Angkasa-X Jet Propeller Laboratory (AX-JPL). NewHepard program is fully managed by SHAX and has it's own launch and landing facilities on the ground.

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Boostback burn after flip manouver

NewHepard has an orbiting capsule that offers long duration micro-gravity experience and the fascinating view of HOM. The capsule orbits HOM as long as the air and power supply can last.

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NewHepard Capsule re-entry

The first stage carries the capsule and second stage to orbit while the second stage is used for flip manouver and boostback burn in orbit for capsule re-entry. The capsule uses parachute to decelerate for landing.

This is first generation of NewHepard and engineers at AX-JPL is working on reusable NewHepard boosters and powered landing.

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